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Redess is a one-stop supply chain platform for UAV based products. All the parts are selected strictly from branded manufacturers. There are total 7768 kinds of products for your selection, including raw material, branded universal accessories(like motor, ESC, servo and servo accessory, video transmitter, mission payload), etc.

The only thing you need to do is to select the parts, submit the purchase order and wait for the goods arrival. The process of inquiry, price comparison, purchase, quality control, logistics, after-sales, technical questions will be in the charge of Redess.


Redess, established in 1998 and located in National Civil Aerospace Industry Base, is the subsidiary body of ToFree and now becomes an online supplier of branded products and a solution provider of UAV based products.

Redess is contacting with various famous makers directly with the aim to integrate the supply chain. By virtue of the longtime friendly business relationship with direct sources and integrating orders from different customers, Redess can provide qualified products with a big discount even if you only buy one piece. The sophisticated process of inquiry, price comparison will be omitted. It brings great convenience to the customers!

As the designated supplier of 32 large-scale Military R&D Institutes, 6 private enterprises, 43 R&D Universities, Redess will be continuously providing the perfect UAV+ solutions. Our service will involve in R&D, production, marketing, etc.

There is the complete scientific research and production system, including aircraft design department, intelligent control department, production, and processing department, UAV service division, etc.

Redess have strong scientific R&D ability in aerodynamics, structural strength, flight control, digital simulation, system integration and flight test. The developed UAV types include target drones, joined wing aircraft, seaplanes, heavy-load aircraft, VTOL aircraft, twin vertical fin fixed-wing aircraft, individual reconnaissance aircraft, multi-rotor UAV, etc. Scientific innovation awards have been got nationally.



Purchasing is a very treadmill work, involving in a series of problems, like technique, inquiry, price comparison, quality control, selection, logistics, after sales, finance, etc.Just imagine, there is a purchasing list from R&D department. The purchaser will need to do the whole procedure mentioned above. 

If one part takes about 10 minutes, 10 kinds of the part will take nearly 2hs without a rest. Besides, the other key element for purchasing is the unit price. The original manufacturer will not give a big discount if you purchase a small quantity less than their MOQ. In this way, the purchase procedure will be much more complicated, inefficient, the price accordingly higher.


The purchase channel has a great effect on company’s operating cost. If there are many purchase categories but with a smaller quantity each kind, the customer will lose the negotiation advantage. The purchase cost is still very high.


For any company, quality control is the top priority of their purchasing activity. Once any quality problem happens, there will involve in the interruption of the upstream supply chain, wrangling, and dispute.


The traditional sale channel just sells the products and the salesperson only knows some simple technical parameters. UAV domain is a very complicated and integrated system. Especially the fixed-wing aircraft have a higher requirement for techniques. The traditional sale channel cannot provide the professional technical guide.



Place the order and then only wait for the goods arrival!


Under Redess’ help, it will simplify the purchase procedure and improve the purchasing efficiency.The purchaser can place the order by submitting purchasing list and quotation will be made within 30 minutes. After the payment is done, delivery will be arranged soonest.A one-stop supply chain platform for 2300 kinds of brands. The intermediate process of inquiry, price comparison, sourcing will be omitted. The only thing needed to do is waiting for goods arrival.


Redess has established the perfect quality control department and after-sales service platform.We will be at your service at any time.


Redess will get in touch with the manufacturers directly and provide the most cost-effective parts for y The price of all the parts will follow the principle of cost+added value       tax+postage, omitting high brand premium and advertising cost, abandoning the traditional sales module, with the purpose to offer the top-value products.


Any delivery method can be OK based on your request. The excellent shopping experience will be provided for you.

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