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High Torque Servo Motor

High Torque Servo Motor

SSPS-105 Super Hi-Power servo & Industrial high voltage brushless metal digital servo high torque

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SSPS-105 Super Hi-Power servo & Industrial high voltage brushless metal digital servo high torque

This is our flagship model - this hi-power servo has been developed by Tonegawa-Seiko co. since 1975. The 105 Series is a line-up of models that have been met a lot of applications. The bodies are made of die-cast aluminum. Since these models have superior water resistance design, they can also be used under critical conditions. Used in R/C planes having wingspans of over three meters or in 1/4-scale radio-controlled model cars.



Selection Example: If the SSPS105-BCFG model,
it means gear drive, 12V drive, high-speed with an operating angle is 45 degrees.


Our fixed-wing aircraft, wingspan 8.35m vertical takeoff and landing aircraft assembly drawing

Wiring diagram (when using R/C receiver)

Five wires come out from 105 servo.

Three of these five wires, are used for control signal with photo cuppler drive. Connectors are provided that enable direct connection to FUTABA or JR receivers, so the unit can be used immediately.

In addition, you have to prepare a separate power supply for the servo power motor drive power. Note that we have 12V or 24V operating voltage model selection. Be sure to select the one that meets your system power unit for this.


PS-050 Large servo


The data below show calculated figures, not measured one.
Constant torque ≒ Stall torque x 1/6

  1. Example:

    • 10.5 N・m(107.7kg-cm) in stall torque at Input Voltage 8.4V

    • 9.6 N・m(92.4kg-cm) in stall torque at Input Voltage 7.2V

    • 7.5 N・m(77.0kg-cm) in stall torque at Input Voltage 6.0V

    • 6.0 N・m(61.6kg-cm) in stall torque at Input Voltage 4.8V

The operating speed and power vary with input voltage.

    • Revolution Speed of horn at 60deg in input voltage 6.0V is 0.3/sec

PS-050 may be mounted on over 3 to 4 meters class wingspan plane.

    • Dimensions L100mm W44mm H93mm Weight 290gr

The output shaft is supported by two large-diameter ball bearing.
JR connector is used. This can be also connected to FUTABA and other receiver.

  • More product parameters, please contact us online...

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